Science/Social Studies.

Standards-Based Learning

Our Science and Social Studies curriculum will be aligned with the New York State Learning Standards, including the standards of the New York State Testing Program for Science and Social Studies, the Common Core literacy standards for K-6 Science and Social studies strands, and the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS).

WHIN will use the project-based instructional philosophy of Expeditionary Learning as the main mechanism and model for Science and Social Studies and include:


Project-based Learning

Cooperative Learning Structures

Discovery-Based Lessons

A five-step process that allows students to improve their critical-thinking and problem-solving skills, as well as to develop their depth of understanding.

  1. Engage: Teachers engage students (e.g., with a demonstration, brainstorm, problem) to raise questions and elicit responses that uncover what students know or think about the topic.
  2. Explore: Students then explore the topic together, without direct instruction from the teacher. The teacher asks probing questions of students and listens as they make meaning.
  3. Explain: Teachers ask students to explain their thinking based on their explorations and provide students with clarifications, definitions, and direct instruction.
  4. Extend: Students extend their knowledge of the topic by applying concepts and skills to new problems and tasks.
  5. Evaluate: The teacher assesses students’ knowledge or skills and asks them to assess their own learning.

EL Case Studies and Explorations

Students build an understanding and connection to each other, their school, and their larger community by studying our local community, the diversity of their classmates, and the history of our various cultures. Through EL Case Studies and Explorations students will deepen their understanding of the world including people and places, time and causation, as well as their rights and responsibilities as life-long and life-wide learners who are empathetic and compassionate individuals committed to being agents of social change

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